These Are The Most Popular LEGOLAND Rides in the US [2023]

Written by: Jamie Hejna | Updated: March 2023

LEGOLAND! It’s like a life-size LEGO set, a custom-built theme park built by LEGO for fans of all sizes.

From the buildings to the rides, everything looks like it’s built purely out of industrial-sized LEGO. And some of the attractions are – but none that require extreme speed or load-bearing potential.

For every amusement park there are rides, and the two main attractions in the US – in California and Florida – have rides a plenty between them. Before deciding on where to go, figure out which rides are the best.

You might have to visit both parks just to see them all! We hope you enjoy our collection of the most popular LEGOLAND rides in the United States.

popular legoland rides

#1: Fun Town Fire and Police Academy [LEGOLAND California]

In LEGOLAND, riders don’t just sit and watch the scenery zoom by. LEGOLAND has active, action-propelled rides where kids and adults can work together towards a goal.

The goal of Fun Town Fire and Police Academy is to save the town on the back of a workable LEGO firetank! The ride itself is pump-powered, requiring constant movement to keep the wheels going along the track. On the back is a water cannon which is used to shoot at targets.

Put out fires and wash out robbers in town to score points and save the town!

#2: Driving School [LEGOLAND Florida & LEGOLAND California]

It’s never too early to learn how to take up the wheel of a car. This is a ride where kids can learn to ride what are, in essence, LEGO patterned go-karts.

There’s no track, and control is left in the hands of the drivers.

Participants are given a course to navigate and will learn to identify traffic signs and stop lights to keep their driving safe. If they do it successfully, they get their own LEGOLAND Driver’s license. And if they break every law the LEGO patrol has, well, at least they can have fun doing it!

#3: Boating School [LEGOLAND Florida]

Where California focuses on the road, Florida is able to deliver a more aquatic experience through its boating school.

Much like the Driving School, Boating School takes place in an open course where riders learn to keep their boats aloft and aimed in the right direction down an open canal.

LEGOLAND Boating School is much more peaceful than the chaos of a downtown traffic jam, but engaging enough to keep riders aware of the power a boat has on the open water.

#4: Aquazone Wave Racers [LEGOLAND California & LEGOLAND Florida]

If you want to beat the heat, there’s no better way than with a good old fashioned wave race.

The LEGOLAND Wave Racers ride gives riders partial control over a carousel of LEGO jet skis around a watery track.

Real water means a real cooling effect. The racers can move from side to side in order to avoid – or get hit by – splashes and water fountain effects. 

#5: The Great LEGO Race [LEGOLAND Florida]

One part rollercoaster, and one part VR. The Great LEGO Race coaster itself is pretty simple, but donning the 360 VR headset gives you a whole new experience.

You’ll be in the middle of an intense race with LEGO characters who come up from behind and on all sides to try and cross the finish line first.

There is a risk of extra nausea and motion sickness with VR, but for those who can’t handle it, the basic level of whipping, dipping and diving from the basic roller coaster experience is still adequate. 

#6: Lost Kingdom Adventure [LEGOLAND Florida & LEGOLAND California]

The LEGOLAND Lost Kingdom Adventure is a major interactive ride where riders are not just given a fun, panoramic scenic view to enjoy, but also laser guns to fight off dangerous monsters that come at them from all sides!

Part ride, part video game, adventurers in this Lost Kingdom compete and work together for a high score in a shooting gallery style experience with a fun-filled narrative twist!

#7: Ninjago the Ride [LEGOLAND Florida, LEGOLAND California, & LEGOLAND New York]

LEGO Ninjago is the most famous and most beloved LEGO property, so naturally it gets its own ride.

But what can capture the spirit and interest of the Ninja-fantasy series in the most immersive and interactive way?

Riders on this interactive visual experience will feel like they’re part of the show as they use their hands to conjure up elemental powers and blast them at enemies that come at them from the screen!

No tools, just hands, using special motions taught at the beginning of the ride. This gives the real experience of feeling like a Ninja!

#8: LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure [LEGOLAND California]

Climb on into a submarine and take part in a deep diving exploration on the LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure!

Riders will be invited into a compartment that is lowered into a tank. From there, a scenic visual tour will take place of underwater sea creatures. And not all of them are made of LEGO.

A real aquarium experience, combined with an AR style interactive puzzle element, gives the feeling of a deep sea exploration that borders between a marine biology tour and a LEGO treasure hunt!

This is one of the best LEGOLAND rides for folks obsessed with the open sea.

#9: LEGO Movie Masters of Flight [LEGOLAND Florida]

Everyone knows LEGO, but the way LEGO really broke out into the mainstream – beyond just being a fun set of toys – was with the famous LEGO Movie.

Ever since, LEGO cartoons and shows, movie sequels and now theme parks have become the norm. Celebrate that release of the influential all-ages film with the greatest LEGO ride of all time.

The ride, in a screened dome, uses motion to make you feel like you are really part of the display. The ride itself is Emmett’s famous creation: the Triple Decker Sofa – with safety straps added for protection.

#10: LEGO Dragon Coaster [LEGOLAND California, LEGOLAND Florida, LEGOLAND New York]

This is one of the longest lasting rides in LEGOLAND of Florida.

At a technical level, the LEGOLAND Dragon Coaster is purely a scenic roller coaster, a high climb with lots of gravity-powered falls and turns – a traditional roller coaster.

But the Dragon Coaster is built through one of the biggest LEGO sets you’ve ever seen! Get the feeling of riding through a LEGO diorama, like you’ve been shrunken down to LEGO minifigure size, as you zip and zoom across a castle playset complete with animatronics and arranged scenes. A perfect first coaster for a young LEGO fan.

For true LEGO Stans, this is easily one of the best LEGOLAND rides.


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