The Audible Free Trial is Back for 2022

Audible Free Trial 2022

If you’ve been searching for an Audible free trial, then you’re back in the right place.

Or if you’re trying to decide if audiobooks are right for you, you still might be in the right place.

If you’re anything like me, you have a preference for the old-fashion paperbacks. In fact, I almost exclusively read physical books.

That was until I was gifted a Kindle reader by a friend, and tried the Audible trial myself. Audible is basically the audiobook/podcast branch of Amazon, which gives user access to audiobooks and various other types of content.

It’s basically become my go-to for travel reading. If I know I’ll have access to charge the Kindle, then I can have all my books on tiny device, without lugging around 15 lbs. of books (Full disclosure: at home, still reading physical books).

So, I put together a brief recap (updated February 2022) on the how and what of the free Audible trial. Here are the basic components of the Audible free trial:

Audible free trial: how it works

It’s pretty straightforward, and all available via Amazon. Right now, you can click this unique link, and follow the prompts, at which point you can start your 3-month Audible free trial. Both plans listed below are currently available for the free trial.

Like most Amazon subscription products and related promotions, the free Audible trial allows you to try it out for a period of one month. Essentially, this enables you to see if Audible’s content is worth it, without any cost.

Audible Free Trial - Review

During your free month, you’ll have access to all Audible Original content (over 11k titles).

But with the Premium Trial (also free), you’ll also get access to up to two (2) ‘premium’ titles, free of charge.

What’s included in the Audible free trial?

There are two variations of the trial available right now. With the standard 30-day free trial you’ll receive the following benefits for each

Audible Free Trial

Includes: access to thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts (plus exclusive series).

The Audible Free Trial is no-cost for 3 months; after the trial period, it is $7.95 per month.

However, as with all Audible plans, you can cancel anytime.

Audible Premium Plus Trial

Includes: the features of the free trial, plus two (2) monthly credits to buy any titles of your choice; and exclusive 30% off all additional premium content.

The Audible Premium Plus Trial is no-cost for 3 months; after that, you’ll pay $14.95 per month.

This, too, can be cancelled at any time.

Our Audible Free Trial Review

Our family started off with first Audible free trial (non-Premium) last Spring. Again, I’m an admitted old-school reader, so the prospect of an e-reader was met with hesitation. That said – the free trial was prompted when I received a Kindle reader as a gift from a friend.

Since then, Audible is now my source for travel reading. If I’m headed out for the week, I take my Kindle + the charger, and it seems to be a better option (and a better space-saver) than a bunch of books. And, when I did end up continuing with the full membership, I appreciated the rollover option with credits that you didn’t use that month. That way, I don’t feel like I’m losing with monthly charges.

Recommendation: give the trial a shot, and if you’re not 100% convinced, shop around with some of the other competitors on the market. Audible is definitely has the best price-point on the market, but other vendors may better suit your needs inventory-wise.

Benefits of Audible

  • Selection: access to a massive library of Audible Originals and audiobooks.

  • Monthly benefits: a credit to purchase two (2) titles of your choice monthly with the Premium option.

  • Member discounts: members get an extra 30% off all premium titles.

  • Additional content: access to podcasts and other exclusive Audible series.

  • Convenience: as noted in the intro, you can have access to a literal library’s worth of books on a 6 oz. smart device.

Audible Free Trial FAQ

  • The only users excluded from the free trial are existing users. The free trial is limited to first-time users, so if you’re already subscribed, the links included on this guide won’t work for you. Additionally, if you’ve already redeemed an Audible promotion or discount, you won’t benefit from this offer.

  • No promo code is needed for the free Audible trial. Simply signup using one of the links provided in this review.

    From there, you can cancel anytime before the 3-month period and you won’t be charged.

  • Yes: you can also listen to Audible content on any Alexa-enabled device, compatible Fire tablets, Kindles, Sonos devices, and more.

  • At this time, no, there is no way to give the trial as a gift.

    However, you can share this link with them and can start their own trial.

  • While the film industry may have slowed down a bit, it’s been a great year for books. With your free 3-month trial of Audible, you’ll be able to access some of the most celebrated audiobooks, praised by readers & critics alike. Here are just some of the best books on Audible:

    📚 “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell

    📚 “Dune” by Frank Herbert (also read: “Dune” action figures)

    📚 “Firekeeper’s Daughter” by Angeline Boulley

    📚 “The History of Sketch Comedy” by Keegan-Michael Key

    See more of the best books of the year at Audible.

How to cancel Audible trial?

You can’t argue taste. And while Audible makes an amazing product, it might not be for everyone. So, if you need to cancel the trial, it’s simple: just click this link to cancel your trial at anytime during the 90 days.

There is no cost to cancel and it should take only a few seconds.

If you fail to cancel your trial at the 90-day mark (you’ll get a reminder), you’ll automatically be enrolled based on the trial you chose, and will be charged either $7.95 for your first month of Premium, or $14.95 for Premium Plus.

Like most Amazon subscriptions and trials, it’s fairly straightforward. You’re going to get reminded (at least once) that your paid re-enrollment date is approaching. At that time, you can decide whether or not you want to keep paying.

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