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This is a difficult list to make. What makes an action figure “worthy” of inclusion here? And how do you compare? Well, we hope our list of the best action figures speaks for itself. In compiling this shortlist, we took into account each toy’s popularity; the repute of the Brand; its influence on subsequent toys; and the craft of each figurine.

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10. Juggernaut

Juggernaut Action Figure

Diamond Select’s Juggernaut action figure is one of the hardest-hitting mutants in the MCU, as evidenced by a cameo in Deadpool 2. Complete with sixteen points of articulation, this Juggernaut is unstoppable.

9. Darth Maul by S.H.Figuarts

At about 5.5-inches tall, this iteration of Darth Maul is one of our favorites. But the lifelike accuracy is not what makes it standout; it’s the peerless range of articulation and mobility that makes this Star Wars figure unlike the competitors.

8. Stretch Armstrong

Okay, so this one is probably not fair. But you have to give it to him; based on true articulation, Stretch Armstrong is pound-for-pound one of the primo out there. At maximum, he’ll stretch to 4x his original size, and can be pulled, twisted, and stretched in just about every direction.

7. He-Man (1981)

Estimated He-Man figures sold: 70 Million (Source)

At the height of He-Man fame, stores across the US couldn’t keep these figures in stock. And since launch, fans have bought up some 70 million He-Man toys.

6. Son Goku Dragon Ball Z

This Son Goku Dragon Ball Z action figure from Bandai gives a two-dimensional character some 3D traits. At 7″ tall, and 1/9 scale, this action figure combines lifelike detail with action-packed articulation. Son Goku is a must-have on any ‘ultimate action figures’ list.

5. Snake Eyes

Brand: Hasbro

Best Snake Eyes Action Figure

More info:

No action figure guide is complete without Hasbro’s 6-inch Snake Eyes action figure. Highly posable and well-articulated, this action figure includes the ninja assassin’s signature katana.

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Price: 39.75

4. Optimus Prime (11-inch)

Brand: Transformers

Best Optimus Prime Action Figure

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Talk about iconic. In six simple steps, Hasbro’s Optimus Prime action figure morphs between semi truck and robot. At 11 inches, and weighing in at almost one pound, this Optimus Prime is a pure classic. Better yet, you can collect all the Cyber Commander Series Transformers figurines to round out your shelf. No action figure collection is complete without the timeless Optimus Prime.

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Price: 44.00

3. Cable Action Figure

Brand: Kaiyodo

Cable Action Figure

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This Cable action figure combines near-limitless articulation with a full arsenal of weaponry. Just as useful for play and display, this lifelike take on the X-Men favorite is perfect for those who want action.

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Price: 95.75

2. Silver Surfer

Brand: Hasbro

Silver Surfer Action Figure

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And while the original 90s Silver Surfer figurines can fetch prices as high as $60-70, Marvel has wisely revived him as 10-inch action figure, ready for battle.

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Price: 55.85

1. Batman Timeless Bushido

Brand: Square Enix

Bushido Batman

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Rare. Unique. Revisionist. The Batman Timeless Bushido action figure was brough to life by a talented team of designers, engineers, and otherwise visionaries. Behold, the Play Arts Kai samurai take on Gotham’s dark night. Batman takes “the way of the warrior,” armed to the teeth with katana and chained claw.

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Price: 389.90

Honorable Mentions…

  • G.I. Joe Green Beret (1966)

  • G.I. Joe Mountie (1967)

  • Snoopy Astronaut (1969)

  • Ghostrider by Fleetwood Toys (1976)

  • Mego Elastic Batman (1979)

  • Hulk Hogan Pop Japan Wrestling (1981)

  • Indiana Jones by Kenner (1982)

  • Yak Face from Star Wars (1985)

  • Mattel Faker action figure (1986)

  • Mumm-Ra, ThunderCats by LJN (1987)

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