We’ve spent many hours and words providing insights and best practices for finding the rights toys and action figures. But what about parents?

Gifts for Parents of All Ages

Where is their love and appreciation? Whether they are yours or someone else’s – it is only natural you’d want to show your appreciation. For those special parents that have earned more than a card, they might benefit from one of these gifts.

Your parents deserve special gifts, like that new perfect mattress or weighted blanket.

Appreciating a special parent in your life doesn’t have to break the bank; there’s a ton of perfect, unique gifts for parents out there – it’s just a matter of where to find them. It all boils down to considering what the person you are getting the gift for would find meaningful.

As with all our past gift guides, our goal is saving you time and money. That’s why we put together the following handpicked, curated list of our favorite gifts for parents of all ages.


To make your gift shopping easier for you, we’ve broken into a simple gift guide. Skip ahead to whatever category best describes the parents in your life.

Gifts for new parents

1. Diaper bag organizers by Mother Load

Give new parents the gift of de-clutter.

Diaper Bag Organizers for New Parents

Designed by moms for moms, the Mother Load zipped diaper bag organizing pouch stretches and holds up to everything you can pack into it, thanks to performance materials and mom-approved design.

These stylish, compact organizing bags fit a variety of objects much easier than other bags, from snacks and toys to tiny shoes and travel must-haves. Essential for new parents, each diaper bag organizer has enough pockets to keep up with your hectic schedule.

The glass mesh allows you can see what’s within, which makes organization a breeze.

2. Baby Basics Kit by Frida

A lifesaver for new parents.

If you know some new parents who didn’t have this on their baby registry, then this is the perfect gift. Frida is becoming a household name amongst parents, and for good reason: they make great products. This all-in-one Baby Basics Kit in particular includes some of their top offerings, including:

  • 1 NoseFrida plus 4 Hygiene Filters

  • 5 Windi the GassPasser tubes

  • 1 NailFrida the SnipperClipper (Set)

  • 1 DermaFrida the SkinSoother

  • 1 Keep-It-All-In-One-Case Zippered Pouch

And if you never thought parents could benefit a product dubbed ‘the SnotSucker,’ prepare to be wowed. More and more new parents rely upon the NoseFrida to deploy boogers from their baby’s snout.

3. Toddy Cold Brew System

Unlimited cold brew for sleepless nights.

Toddy Cold Brew maker

For those who take like their coffee cold and caffeine elevated, the Toddy® Cold Brew System may be your new soulmate.

The Toddy has been part of our morning routine for over 7 years now, and should be considered a must-have for any new parents. All it takes is one pound of coffee beans — course ground, which can typically be done at your local grocery store — which will yield about 36-38 ounces of coffee concentrate.

Rest assured, the output is cafe-quality. The yield is the likes of which I’ve probably paid $5-6 per cup for the past. So in addition to ease-of-use and convenience for new parents, the Toddy is also a great cost-saver.

4. iRobot Roomba

House cleaning with a baby? Leave it to iRobot.

As proud owners of the iRobot Roomba 694, we can vouch: this is the must-have cleaning accessory for busy new parents, and it is worth the entire price tag. It is WiFi- and app-compatible, which means you can schedule, turn on, or turn off the Roomba at your convenience. They also don’t strongly recommend this model (694 is the baseline) for homes with dogs, but we have a small dog and the shedding is no match for Roomba.

The i3 3550 series is higher-end in every respect, most notably with its auto-emptying home base. But truthfully, if what you want is clean floors, most new parents will find the Roomba 694 to be enough.

5. Thorne Vitamin D-500

Combatting nasty germs.

Chiro-Approved Vitamin D

A new child might mean an influx of new household colds and bugs. So, most parents are wise to take all precautions to avoid common colds and illnesses, between eating healthy, staying active, and keeping a regular intake of vitamins.

Vitamin D — among myraid benefits — has been associated with enhanced function of immune cells, which protect your body against pathogens. High on our list of Vitamin D supplements is Thorne’s Vitamin D-5000 — which is affordable, available online, comes highly recommended, and is Chiropractor- and midwife-approved.

So, if you’re struggling to find the right gifts for new parents, you might be wise to consider a supplement — or set of supplements — for immune support, energy, and balance. Thorne is a great brand, and you might also find some additional options at your local health food store.

Gifts for active parents

6. A heated jacket by Kelvin

Stay active even when temperatures hit single-digits.

Parenting seems challenging enough without subzero temperatures, which is why Kelvin’s heated coats for men & women make the perfect gifts for active parents. If you know some special parents in your life who still brave the cold to walk the dog, take the kids sledding, walk to work, or make the daily coffee run – look no further.

Complete with a battery (providing up to 8 hours of heating time) and animal-free, sustainable insulation, this is the perfect holiday gift for parents in colder climes.

7. Ab Roller Wheel (6-in-1 Kit) by EnterSports

For parents who stay active.

EnterSports Ab Roller

If you can’t find the right gift for the active, type-A parents in your life, consider this.

Two resistance bands, 1 knee pad, and Push Up Bar Handle Grips are included with the Ab Roller Kit by EnterSports.

Competing brands’ wheels are half the size of the EnterSports, at 3.2” wide! They won’t wobble while supporting up to 600 lbs., so parents can have improved stability (without sacrificing mobility ) while working out at home.

Your muscles will get the most out of workout in a short amount of time thanks to the combination of resistance rope and push-up support. The soft knee pad is great depending on the type of floor you decide to exercise on. This is an excellent birthday, Christmas, or anniversary present – ideal for athletic parents.

8. City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller by Baby Jogger

Love to run? No reason you have to stop.

Baby Jogger Stroller for Parents

A stroller is a crucial parenting need – and likely the one parents spend the most time researching and deciding on. With the right stroller, by the right brand, you might get years (and miles) out of your child’s stroller.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all stroller solution for everyone. But if you know some active parents, then we can point you in the right direction: coming in at under $400, the City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller by Baby Jogger is the clear choice for parents who want to sneak in a workout while getting the kids outside. And at ½ the cost of some of the competitors (some even cross the $1,500 mark) this one is a relative deal.

And the brand – Baby Jogger – is ‘the original’ when it comes to the three-wheel jogging-style and all-terrain strollers. Available at specialty stores, baby superstores, and online at retailers like Amazon, this is the perfect gift for parents who like to stay fit & healthy.

9. “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins

David Goggins is: a retired Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, public speaker, and (former) holder of the Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in 24 hours.

But what does he have to do with parenting?

His memoir, Can’t Hurt Me (2018), is a must-read for the athletically-inclined or, even more so, for those who have lost their motivation along the way. Pair this book with some home work out gear, and watch the results pour in.

As dedicated skeptics on all these “self-help” related, we were swept away by this book and cannot find a better single source of inspiration than Goggins’ narrative.

10. The Perfect Pushup

No parent is too busy (or too old) to master the art of the pushup.

The Perfect Pushup

With over 14,000 reviews at an average of 4.7 starts on Amazon, the Perfect Pushup by Perfect Fitness is a customer-approved addition to any at-home workout. And since parents need to be active too, this is the perfect gift for any parent hoping to sneak in some workouts.

Added benefits: they’re light (about 4 pounds per pair) and can be easily stowed away, so your gift doesn’t have to mean more clutter for the parents you know.

Gifts for young parents

11. Marcus online savings account

It is never too early to start saving for the future. Especially with a 2X bonus.

For those who new parents who know they need to be fiscally smart, but don’t know where to begin: enter Marcus by Goldman Sachs®

Marcus provides what are known as high-yield savings accounts; with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.50% Marcus comes in substantially higher than most of the competitors in the market. And while Marcus is online – meaning you can’t walk into a branch and deposit or withdraw – that may be an added benefit for impulsive young parents. It may just be the perfect gift for the young parents in your life.

But how do you gift it?

Well, for a limited time – you can refer them directly by sharing this link, after which they’ll be eligible for a 2X bonus for three months (up to 1.0% APY).

12. Give the gift of Audible (subscription)

A full library, without taking up so much space.

Give the Gift of Audible

If you know some special young parents, who are voracious readers — but who now find their time for reading encroached upon — enter the world of ebooks.

Amazon’s Audible makes such a wonderful gift for young parents who need a break throughout the day, because it means the recipient can listen to their favorite books while cleaning the house, doing a load of laundry, taking the kids to school, or changing a diaper!

It is also perfect for young parents who do not have a ton of square footage to store hardcover books.

By using this link, you can give the young parents in your life the gift of an Audible subscription for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

13. Master Class cookware

“Combining quality materials and the latest innovations.”

Assuming the young parents you know have a high yield savings account and an Audible account already, what’s left? Upgrading the kitchen cookware. And as far as we’re concerned, Master Class is a great first stop for adorning the kitchen. Start first with a cast aluminum frying pan — which can handle anything from eggs to veggies to fine steaks — or consider the five-piece set, and get the young parents everything they need.

14. LEGO Set

Adults now welcome.

Here’s a perfect gift for young parents (or, the young at heart) that you won’t see on many gift lists: LEGO sets.

Often overlooked by adults — and a commonly missed opportunity to put a smile on many young parent’s faces — LEGO sets are a perfect way to pass the time, as well as provide an opportunity for parents & kids to bond.

Because of the massive library of product offerings, you can find the right LEGO set for just about every age and interest. Plus, we have already compiled a great guide to LEGO Sets for Adults, reviewing over a dozen of trending sets for parents & kids alike.

15. Gift cards

A gift card is a young parent’s best friend.

You can assume that most new parents will be house-bound for at least a bit, and chief among their concerns will be balancing baby care with keeping the fridge and pantry stocked. Sometimes a smart present for new parents is a gift card, especially if said gift will spare them the added task of preparing dinner.

These days, there’s added value in having food delivered, so you might consider a gift card from one of the delivery services:

  • DoorDash

  • Goldbelly

  • Grubhub

  • Postmates

  • UberEats

Unique gifts for parents


What if the bathroom didn’t have to be unpleasant?


Perhaps you didn’t expect to see the phrase “POTTYMINTS” in any gift guide – alas, this is one of the most unique gifts for parents on the market.

Let’s face it, part of being a parent is sharing your space – but that doesn’t mean the bathroom can’t still be a sanctuary.

POTTYMINTS are dissolvable air freshener tablets that you simply drop into the toilet after you flush. (Do they work? Yes. Our toilet is currently decorated with a stylish black POTTYMINTS display box). In addition to being completely effective at covering up the — scents, shall we say? — they’re also non-toxic, septic tank-safe, and made here in the US. You can see more at POTTYMINTS.com.

17. PIRRO’S Sauce

Nothing says love like marinara.

18. Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board by SMIRLY

A unique gift for the hosts with the most.

Bamboo Charcuterie Board for Parents

If you’re looking for a unique gift for those parents who still like to entertain guest, this large charcuterie board / cheese try is sure to please.

This stylish, unique bamboo offering from SMIRLY is the perfect size for displaying a tasty combo of meats, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, and more.

19. Nintendo Switch

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore.

Nintendo Switch - Buy it Online

Covered in detail amidst our latest video game console rankings, the Nintendo Switch doubles as a home gaming system and a portable device, giving you access to an expansive library of great games on your TV or in your hands when you’re out and about.

Nearly 2 after its initial release, the Switch has a strong library of superb first-party titles, ports of classic games, and a surprisingly large variety of fantastic indies, including:

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • The Legend of Zelda

  • Super Mario Odyssey

  • Luigi’s Mansion 3

  • Hades

  • Pokemon Legends

the majority of which can be played on a TV at home or in your hands anyplace else. Amazing games and intuitive gameplay remind even parents that Nintendo’s innovation knows no bounds.

20. Natural Wood Coasters by Arteza

Timeless with a dash of hipster.

Natural Wood Coasters - 25

Do you know any creative, artisanal, handy type parents? Then these one-of-a-kind natural wood slab coasters by Arteza are the perfect gift. This Arteza set includes 25 natural pine wood rounds, each approximately 4” in diameter and 0.4 inches thick. Perfect for coasters — with our without polish — they’re sure to make an impression.

Though the artsy parent may actually be able to first paint these (with their kids) and make fun designs. The applications are endless.

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