15 LEGO Christmas Sets We Adore

‘Tis the season for Christmas trees, stockings, a fireplace and LEGO Christmas sets.

Christmas is a time for giving gifts and LEGO is one of the best gifts you can give. They provide long lasting fun and joy for any recipient. It’s a gift for ages 3 and up, for every Christmas.

And what’s the best kind of kit to give away for Christmas? Probably one related to whatever the gift getter likes. That’s the joy of LEGO, there are so many sets and kits that anyone’s interest can be represented by the tiny plastic bricks.

But if you want to be extra cheeky for Christmas, you can get a Christmas LEGO set.

You can even give them away early in the year so they have their own decorations to put up in time for the holiday season. 

LEGO Christmas sets Santa Clause LEGO

So what’s the best Christmas set to get? Anything witnery-themed or any set where a LEGO Santa minifig fits well would be a great compliment to a fireplace shelf. Here are some of the best Christmas sets of all time you can look into buying for the next special holiday.

#1: LEGO Holiday Ornaments

These are slightly different from what you might expect. They are useable LEGO ornaments, with hooks and clear cases and everything, that contain assembled brick-kits inside.

Holiday ornaments are a staple of the festive season, bringing cheer and joy to homes around the world.

From classic glass baubles to intricate wooden carvings, these decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Ornaments can be used to represent different cultures, beliefs, or values; some may feature religious symbols while others depict holiday scenes.

While not a traditional set, there are a number to choose from and collect. Including the Penguin, the Gifts, and the Christmas Snow Hut ornaments.

This LEGO Christmas set is nice to look at, but you can take it apart and build it yourself – or pop open the outer shell and add the decorations inside to any of your existing sets to touch them up with extra holiday cheer.

LEGO Holiday ornaments

#2: LEGO Creator Winter Village Market

This LEGO set offers some variety with individual buildings and props that add to the Christmas spirit.

Set on a not-so-ordinary street, this set includes several stalls and market stands, streetlamps with wreathes, and a centerpiece carousel that actually moves, powered by a LEGO gear engine hidden behind the building of a teddy bear shop.

You can mount your minifigs on horses or in sleds and send them around and around with this wonderful LEGO Christmas set.

LEGO Creator Winter Village Market Set

#3: LEGO Christmas Train Set

LEGO is second to none when it comes to building easy to make and accessible train sets.

That includes train sets dedicated to the Christmas season. This vibrant green and red accented train set comes with plenty of decorations, interesting passengers, props and enough tracks to run around the base of any Christmas tree.

Bring your favorite figs from this Christmas or last on a magical train ride to wherever you imagine they should go!

LEGO Christmas Train set

#4: LEGO Christmas Tree

Christmas trees have been a beloved part of the holiday season for centuries. From small tabletop versions to towering showstoppers, these evergreens add cheer and beauty to homes around the world. Once adorned with lights, ornaments, and garland, they become a focal point of the home during this festive time of year.

The tradition of bringing an evergreen tree indoors dates back thousands of years; in fact it was once believed that these trees brought good luck into the home!

Today Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that perfectly suits your decorating style. Whether real or artificial, nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a beautifully decorated tree at its center!

The LEGO Christmas tree has its own ornaments and presents to put under it – it even has a miniature train running around the bottom.

Build it up to look just like your own tree so your LEGO family can have its own Christmas next to yours.

LEGO Christmas Tree

#5: LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Everyone who watched Harry Potter will recount how the years fly by at Hogwarts, and how the Yule Ball came and went.

LEGO’s partnership with Harry Potter gave plenty of unique and charming sets to recapture the magic of the books and films, including an advent calendar with on unique Harry Potter prop and minifig behind every slot.

The LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar makes the wait leading up to Christmas a joy in itself with 24 days of 24 kits and builds to play around with until the final day when it can all come together. 

LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar

#6: LEGO Nutcracker

Nutcrackers are to Christmas as Pumpkins are to Halloween.

For some, maybe a little creepy, but they’re a tradition.

The LEGO Nutcracker model kit comes with everything you need to make a proper, authentic nutcracker soldier, complete with curly mustache and eyebrows. Getting it to work is a little trickier, but having it stand guard over your gifts for Christmas is a good enough reason to piece him together.

LEGO nutcracker

#7: Santa’s Visit LEGO Set

Every year, Santa comes down the chimney of every house to deliver presents. So if you don’t have a chimney, you’ll have to build one for him.

LEGO Santa is just as magical as the real Santa. This set comes with a whole house to build up, and expandable chimney, snow outside for stacking snowmen and a mighty Christmas tree for your Santa minifig to stack presents under, one brick at a time.

Santa’s Visit LEGO Set

#8: Santa’s Visit LEGO Set

Every year, Santa comes down the chimney of every house to deliver presents. So if you don’t have a chimney, you’ll have to build one for him.

LEGO Santa is just as magical as the real Santa. This set comes with a whole house to build up, and expandable chimney, snow outside for stacking snowmen and a mighty Christmas tree for your Santa minifig to stack presents under, one brick at a time.

Santa’s Visit LEGO Set

#9: LEGO Winter Village Santa’s Workshop

Speaking of Santa, if you’re going to invite him into a LEGO chimney, he’s got to have his own LEGO workshop to work from.

This impressive set comes with a house with one wall that folds away to reveal an expansive back stage along with plenty of minifigs to fill it out.

You’ve got Santa, Mrs. Claus, some elves and the reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh filled with presents. It’s an expert set, great for a family night of brick building fun with hot cocoa and Christmas cookies. 

LEGO Santa's Workshop Set

#10: LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute Set

Where would we be without A Christmas Carol? It might just be the most famous Christmas story of all time, one that’s been done in every form of media, every style and every which way you can imagine.

The famous writer has his own tribune set designed by LEGO, which takes the form of a book combined with the front wall of the home of Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and the top-hat industrialist Ebeneezer Scrooge. This LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute set is one of our favorites.

LEGO Charle's Dickens Tribute Set

#11: LEGO Christmas Wreath 2-in-1

The Christmas Wreath is a long standing tradition, a woven ring of pine and evergreen to bring a natural hue of the forest to the doorway of every winter home.

It’s something you usually hang up and forget about until the leaves all start to fall off, or one that’s made of plastic that you use year after year.

Why not just go the full way and make it out of buildable plastic? The LEGO Christmas wreath set has two modes. You can build it with a hanger to hang on your door, to show everyone outside that this is a house where LEGO fans live, or set it up with LEGO candles as a dinner table ornament – the forgotten second use of the Christmas wreath in many homes.

LEGO Christmas wreath set

#12: LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop

All the good girls and boys get toys on Christmas, including in the land of LEGO.

The Winter Toy Shop, part of the Winter Village collection, comes with a storefront, a fancy tree with wide, broad leaves to stack ornaments, and plenty of minifigs to enjoy the toy blocks on offer.

Pair the LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop with the Marketplace or Santa’s Workshop to build a thriving Christmas community where the toys are made, and for whom the toys are played.

LEGO creator winter toy shop

#13: LEGO Winter Village Bakery

Why stop there? Every year, LEGO has added new sets and kits for its Winter VIllage collection. This one is a bakery that comes with a shop, a display window for all the button-size cinnamon rolls, and a baker minifig offering baguettes and cupcake to the passers by.

The LEGO Winter Village Bakery also comes with a horse-driven stagecoach, an ice rink with skaters and a tree selling stand. This LEGO Christmas set is not just a bakery, it’s a whole little street worth of action to add to your collection!

LEGO Winter Village Bakery

#14: LEGO Christmas Penguin

Penguins love snow and it snows on Christmas. That’s good enough for me! And it’ll be great for anyone who just loves those waddling Antarctic birds.

The LEGO Christmas penguin build comes with a modest sized 244 piece kit of a penguin and his little tree and gift boxes on its own ice-flow stand. A perfect standing ornament to give any room a chilly, wintery feel without opening a window and letting all the snow in.

LEGO Christmas Penguin

#15: LEGO Winter Village Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses may have been the first, most complicated kinds of LEGO kits. The only difference was they didn’t slot neatly together. And, they were edible. When you’re done with a gingerbread house, you eat it – frosting for mortar and candy for roof tiles, it’s a fun activity that turns into a big dessert.

With LEGO, you can just build it up again. The LEGO Gingerbread House kit comes in many varieties, with the most recent addition offering an expansive two-story house, and a whole family of gingerbread folks to occupy it on their own Candycane Lane street. It even comes with light bricks to give the fireplace a warming glow, or to put a little light on behind a sugar-glass screen so Santa knows that this isn’t a snack – it’s a real house, too!

LEGO winter village gingerbread house

LEGO Christmas Sets Summary

It’s not about how the sets can bring a family together to build them up together, piece by piece over a joyful holiday night.

Really, the best Christmas set is the one you give, or receive, on Christmas. There’s no limitations to when you can build a Christmas set and no rules about what LEGO you give away on the holidays. 

If you just need more Santa in your life, more Elves on your shelves that can snap into place and more Christmas decorations to make your hearth feel nice at home, these LEGO sets will bring a twinkle to your eye. Be sure to check when they come back in stock and see if you can’t get them in time for a Christmas Summer to spread the joy through the whole year. 


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