“Dune” Action Figures are Here!

[Updated] Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 adaptation of “Dune” was released in theatres and on HBO Max October 22 to mostly rave reviews, bringing Frank Herbert visionary science-fiction epic to millions of enthusiasts and, in the process, likely finding some new devotees.

And just in time for the scifi event of the fall, McFarlane toys has lined up some of the coolest “Dune” action figures for any spice aficionados. Like the sources material’s long lifespan – from Herbert’s first book in 1965, to David Lynch’s ill-fated 1981 adaptation, to today – these Dune action figures are likely to appeal to a range of audiences. These toys may be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone from kindergarten to 45.

In this gift guide, we’ll look specifically at McFarlane Toys’ Paul Atreides action figure.

Dune Action Figure Toy 2021

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Paul Atreides backstory

This Paul Atreides action figure depicts a key point in the “Dune” narrative. When House Atreides moves to the desert planet Arrakis to takeover the the mining of Melange, Paul has his first encounter with destiny.

Little goes according to plan on Dune. Treachery and vengeance by Harkonnen send Paul and his mother fleeing into the desert, where they take up arms with the Fremen, where Paul becomes Muad’Dib, and leader of the Fremen.

And the rest is history – or, at least something for which you need to watch the movie or read the books to understand.

This action figure is complete with the necessary accessories for Paul’s survival on Arrakis (see “Product details”) that add to the overall actionability of this toy.

From the manufacturer:

The son of a Duke born into a destiny greater than his royal title, young Paul Atreides is thrust into an epic adventure of discovery that will take him across the galaxy to a barren and inhospitable world with danger around every corner. Haunted by visions of many possible futures, Paul must conquer his fear and claim his destiny as the fate of the galaxy rests on his shoulders.

Product details

  • Brand: McFarlane Toys
  • Type: Action Figure
  • Scale: 7″
  • Weight: 320g
  • UPC: 787926107814

“Dune” action figure breakdown

The first observation with McFarlane Toy’s Paul Atreides action figure is the realism. Meticulously detailed to a 7-inch scale, the action figure is based directly off the 2021 blockbuster. And the realism isn’t a surprise, after all; the prototype for this toy was created from photos of film star Timothee Chalamet.

The next most stunning attribute is the action figure’s articulation. The Paul Atreides action figure is designed with 22 moving parts, which means it’s just as good for play as display. It’s not just a collectible item for the shelf, but rather has a strong range of motion and flexibility.

Dune Action Figure - Side

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Now, we can’t forget accessories. This “Dune” action figure features Paul Atredies in a Fremen Stillsuit, which sustains life on the desert planet of Arrakis. But that’s not all – McFarlane Toys also handyman a crysknife and twin blades.

McFarlane Toys is no stranger to the collectibles industry, so they know a thing or two about packaging. That means Paul (and the other “Dune” action figures) arrive in branded boxes, complete with each House’s sigil in the lower right hand side of the package.

Dune Action Figures Packaging width=

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More “Dune” action figures

But Paul is not alone! Collect the other Dune action figures! McFarlane also provides the following characters (sold separately):

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