16 Best Electric Cars for Kids on Amazon

Updated: May 10, 2023

Electric Vehicles are all the rage now. They don’t burn fuel to run, and are safer for the environment. 

Kids have been driving electric cars since before Elon Musk made his first Tesla. One part toy and one part functional concept car, these tot-friendly vehicles have always been on hand to offer a bunch of fun at safe speeds and with no unwanted waste at all. 

Enjoy 🙂

A list of our favorite electric vehicles for children in 2022

Here is a list of our 16 favorite electric cars for kids:

#1: Kid Trax Yamaha ATV

The Yamaha ATV is not a car by virtue of being an ATV. It’s a very different kind of driving experience but still gives kids a good grasp on responsible handling of their speed and awareness of their surroundings with a handlebar grip.

It’s great for going off the beaten path a little ways and even has its own cargo carrying bars on the front and back for bringing along some important supplies for a day out listening to tunes on the on-board radio.

#2: Power Wheels BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels is the number one name in electric cars for kids. Think of them as the Tesla of kid’s car toys, except they’ve been around much longer.

Power Wheels are continuing to innovate the space with new selections of toys each year, with their most popular brands being based on Jeep.

The BBQ Jeep is an all rounder backyard barbeque fun time. It has a frisbee mount on the front and of course a barbeque set that fits into the back with fake food but real mobility.

Power Wheels makes cars for kids of all different tastes, so those who aren’t entertained by cookout grilling might like a different piece of their selection, but his model stands out for its fun that can be had with everyone, because everyone likes a good barbeque.

#3: Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

If a little one you know is looking for a way to help around on the farm, or in the garden, John Deere is the name you’re looking for.

John Deere are makers of tractors of all kinds, from the field-plowing farm rakers to the littler ones. The Ground Force Tractor comes with its own detachable tractor for hauling whatever a kid can pull. It’s got large, thick tires, an adjustable seat, a working FM radio and that signature deep John Deere Green look.

This vehicle is also made right in the USA, out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, so it comes pre-packaged with American spirit for the farmer in all of us.

#4: Modern-Depo MX Truck

There was some buzz around Tesla’s infamous Cybertruck that it looked like a car as drawn by a kid who didn’t quite know what cars looked like. So Modern-Depo made it as a kid’s car. This is the Cybertruck that has beat Tesla to the market, although its stats are a bit under the mark.

It’s  a single seater, and while it does operate on batteries and even has two engines, it can only get up to 3 mile per hour, which is plenty fast for its current clientele of toddlers and young kids. But it also has Bluetooth pairing for music and a remote control for the parents so they can drive for their kids – just like the automatic pilots of future EV cars. 

#5: 12V 3.7 MPH 2-Seater Land Rover

This is a feature rich licensed car straight from the time-tested name of Land Rover, an international hard-road hitter. It’s got treaded tires for handling hard terrain, it can hit a max speed of 3.7 miles per hour on a four-wheel suspension for getting through tough spots. Of course no spot is too tough that you can’t lend a hand with a remote control.

While driving, the kids can operate the MP3 stereo, bring about their own music with an AUX input and work the LED lights and horn. It’s a car that’s fun even when parked.

Bonus: Read about the LEGO Land Rover in this article. 

#6: Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

The only thing Jeep seems to make as much as real cars are kid’s cars. It’s no surprise why. Jeep is synonymous with Adventure, and kids love to have adventures. They can get in and out with the roofless, sideless design and feel like real sporting drivers with the impressive power of this outdoor-tested kid’s first offroader.

Power Wheels dips into plenty of brand deals, featuring decorative exterior work themed after popular things like Marvel superheroes and Disney movies.

Your children will like seeing their favorite character on the side of the car, and they’ll love learning how to drive on their own. 

#7: 12V BMW I8

Another unique licensed car, this time from the sporty and sleek BMW. The I8 kid’s model is made for tots up to four years old but is still built with the same incredible design pedigree expected of a world class leader of luxury motoring. It’s gentle enough to teach even a two year old the mechanics of driving, and has a remote control like most models do to make sure parents don’t have to teach harsh lessons about crashing at too young of an age.

This kid’s car can go forward, back or brake in the spot. It also has an MP3 player interface so a parent can load up a child’s favorite songs or stories to engage them while they are behind the seat. 

#8: Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio

If you want to look cool on the road you want to be seen in a Mazer. The Maserati GranCabrio, for kids, is pretty close to the real thing and will make young kids feel like an Italian super-racer. It’s built for Sport, which means it’s got the suspensions that can take on the bumpiest roads and still get a smooth ride without so much as interrupting the on-board programmable radio with music and stories to listen to as they drive.

This kid’s vehicle can go as fast as three miles per hour – 1% of what the real model can deliver at high speeds. Great for outdoor or (spacious) indoor use, this is a great way to introduce a toddler to the world of high end motoring without the extreme speeds on the tracks of Monte Carlo.

#9: Aosom Licensed Volkswagen Beetle

A little bug for an equally little kid. This classic 70s-style throwback car is almost as big as a real Beetle. But it’s got no roof, which makes it closer to a Buggy. It has working headlights, tail lights and the signature Beetle car horn music. It also comes with a 2.4G remote control so parents can work it from a distance while their kid enjoys the ride, even if they’re too young to reach the pedals.

This vehicle is a nostalgic old bug that will put a smile on faces from toddlers to the grandparents who used to own them. Has about an hour range for an overnight charge. 

#10: Broage Electric Bumper Car

This isn’t a typical kind of electric car you’d see out on the highways. It’s more typical to see one in a fenced in area at a carnival. Yes, you can own your very own bumper car. Or better yet, own a couple and have your very own bumper car party. It’s an incredibly simple vehicle, it doesn’t even have a hood. It’s just a mobile seat with joystick controls that move at less than a full mile an hour with a rubber ring around the edge to dull the impacts of bumping into other carts, or into walls or fences, wherever the fun is being had.

At under $200 they’re pretty cheap, too. If you start charging admission wisely you might just make a business out of it. For the kid’s sake, of course.

#11: Razor Dune Buggy

The traditional dune buggies were Beetles that were heavily modified to run on the sand. At the time they were the lightest weight car on the market.

New dune buggies have re-invented that concept by being little more than frames with seats and motors – which is what this is. It’s a quick, terrain-capable buggy for riding on sandy surfaces and can reach up to a whopping 9 miles an hour.

Part ATV and part Go Kart, this is an ideal beach toy away from the water or just for some light off-road trail blazing in the woods or around the block. It’s even got rear-wheel braking. That’s right: in the right hands, this buggy can drift.

#12: John Deere Gator

Another John Deere classic design, this is modeled off of the multi-purpose Gator utility cart. With high roll baars and a flat deck back, it makes for an easy pickup on the range. Somewhere between a golf cart and a lawnmower, this can hustle along at 2.5 miles an hour across plenty of fields thanks to its shock-absorbing suspension.

This vehicle also has top-mounted water guns, just for fun. This opens up a whole new world of possibility. Vehicular water gun fights. Turn a regular wet day playground into a miniature Mad Max arena with plenty of water for all!

#13: Razor Crazy Cart Shift

Go Kart racing is something of an under-appreciated sport that’s perfect to get kids ready for the tension of a track day rally.

Razor’s Crazy Carts help do just that with adjustable speeds which can be limited by parental controls but can reach up to 8 miles per hour. The Shift model has been built specifically with some hard turns in mind as it can easily be made to drift even in untrained hands. This is due to the rear swivel casters. It’s essentially forward wheel drive with back wheels that do whatever they want.

This model is great for some hectic, hairpin-turn fun but not ideal for learning anything other than how to take a wall hit or a tiny fall. It’s best in the hands of a kid who can hold their own without worries. Razor also makes variants for older kids and even teenagers at higher prices.

#14: Power Wheels Dune Racer

For outdoors only, hopefully, the Dune Racer is a combined dune buggy design with more of the sleek additions and design choices of an ATV, complete with a handle-grip steering wheel. It’s also a two seater so a little driver can take a passenger along to enjoy the bumpy ride. And bump they will. This little lawn-terror comes with a 7R Gearbox, one of the strongest on the market of kid’s electric cars, giving it huge control over the speed just like a real car.

The low profile means that even at speed it won’t take a nasty bump too hard and flip over. Even so, the metal side-guard bars will keep kids safe from unprepared bumps and scrapes along an outdoor path.

#15: Kidzone Lamborghini Sian Roadster

The ultimate name in sports and luxury combined, this licensed Lamborghini is far less expensive than a real one. Maybe less than 1% of the total cost.

Send kids out on a lap around the driveway of luxury as they cruise with all the amenities expected in the carbon fiber dashboard and body kit. It has a working clock display, USB and AUX channels, working lights, speed adjustment and easy flip-switch gear changer.

The sharp angular design makes it look like a car straight out of the Bat cave, so your little driver can put on their best Bruce Wayne look and cruise around looking for bad guys. 

#16: Tobbi Police Car

A robber could be driving any of these vehicles, so a cop needs their own special unit for catching them. The Tobbi police car has all the things a kid needs to play cops and robbers the best way. It’s got the lettered hood and sides, flashing siren lights, and even a working megaphone to pull the criminals over.

The Tobbi police car can match speeds up to 3.1 miles per hour, as fast as most of the other cars and vehicles on this list, and has a wide, powerful profile that can totally takeover the roads. Or sidewalks. Enough to control the traffic and take the bad guys in. 


We hope you enjoyed our shopping guide to help you pick out the best electric car for the children in your life. These options are all solid and you are sure to make your little one’s dreams come true. 

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