LEGO Las Vegas 21047

Las Vegas is currently the top destination in the US. With the LEGO Last Vegas 21047, you can seamlessly recreate Las Vegas, Nevada and its notable architectural designs.

lego Las Vegas 21047 set

Las Vegas 21047 Specs

The LEGO Las Vegas 21047 from 2018 contains over 500 intricately designed pieces. Those who share an affinity for architecture, design, and travel will likely find the set thrilling. So, if you want to learn more about this particular LEGO set, as well as a brief history behind Las Vegas’ architecture, namely the various attractions located on and around the Las Vegas Strip, read on…

The LEGO Las Vegas 21047 set displays some of Sin City’s most prolific buildings, including the Bellagio Hotel and Encore Hotel, which both house two of the best poker rooms in Las Vegas. The Bellagio, in particular, is renowned for its elite clientele and high-stakes Legends Room. Numerous poker and non-poker celebrities flock to the establishment for a gripping match. In terms of aesthetics, the set faithfully captures the stunning fountain fixtures of the Bellagio.

The Stratosphere Tower, with the highest observation level in the country, is also prominently featured in the set. Standing at 1,354 feet, those who have never visited can surely admire the tower’s miniature counterpart. Of course, the spotlight isn’t on the state’s skyline alone. Located at the rightmost side of the strip is the Fremont Street Experience. While it’s hard to depict the bustle of the entertainment complex, the set makes a great attempt at catching the facade.

A Las Vegas Landmark

Not to be forgotten, the celebrated “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is likewise included in the set. The 4×34 tiled baseplate boasts realistically rendered desert and road details, which are Las Vegas Strip landmarks. For reference, the whole set measures about 7” (19cm) high, 10” (27cm) wide, and 2” (7cm) deep.

Users are provided with an informational booklet if they want to learn more about each attraction’s architecture, designer, and history. Although it’s written in English, other languages may be downloaded at

A visit to Las Vegas is surely a vibrant one. The referenced Yahoo! Finance explains that the state’s top ranking underscores travelers’ longing for new thrills and adventures— especially with a strong dining scene and numerous comebacks for shows and performances. Aside from the singular experience unique to Las Vegas, the architecture also encourages broad interest. This is evident in hotels. In 2021 alone, hotel occupancy rates reached over 66%.

Specifically, the hotels and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip pull multiple crowds. In an analysis published on Emerald, the design of those structures showed an added layer of fantasy architecture and theme park fun. People are drawn to authenticity; hotels like the Bellagio are meant to mimic vacation spots like Lombardy in northern Italy. Not only that, Las Vegas is synonymous with entertainment-based experiences. Their architecture is intended to alter guests’ sense of reality from hotels to theaters and theme parks, ensuring visitor intrigue and engagement.

Las Vegas certainly has a lot to offer. With the LEGO Las Vegas 21047, you can easily display the state’s top attractions anywhere from home to office.

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