LEGO Just Released a Motorized Lighthouse

Of all the September 2022 releases from LEGO, we are most excited about the motorized lighthouse set (#21335). This set has been highly anticipated from the community for a variety of reasons including a new element in the set that has never been used before. Continue on to learn more about the details of the set, along with some history of previous LEGO lighthouses.

lego motorized lighthouse 21335

The Details of the Set

There are a few details of this set to get excited about. First, this set includes a never-been-used element which is a fresnel lens for the top portion of the lighthouse. Inside of the lens is a rotating light to create a unique and realistic experience. 

In addition to the new element, the space leading up to the top of the lighthouse can be opened to explore the winding staircase. 

The History Behind LEGO Lighthouses

Although this set is quite unique, this is not the first time LEGO has centered a release around a lighthouse.

One previous lighthouse set released is the LEGO Creator Lighthouse Point set (31051). Although currently retired, there are still a few sets available to purchase new.

Another popular retired lighthouse set is the LEGO Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center. Our favorite part of this set is the bright yellow waterslide attached to the lighthouse.


The 3D Japanese artwork makes an eye-catching display piece and is a great home or office decor