Mirrorverse Action Figures & Toys (Now Available)

Mirrorverse Action Figures

For any toy collectors who feel that Disney merch errs on the side of genteel, enter Mirrorverse. This summer, Disney toys are getting an action-packed upgrade.

Launched by fan-favorite McFarlane Toys, this new series of Mirrorverse action figures is based (with lifelike accuracy) on the Disney mobile game. Shop Mirrorverse on Amazon!

Set in the Disney multiverse, occupied by a plethora of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, Mirrorverse drops this colorful cast into RPG-style combat & gameplay.

The Mirrorverse action figures, which we’ll review below, include two McFarlane-original collections: the 7-inch action figures and the 5-inch action figures. Each toy arrives complete with accessories from the game, as well as collectible artwork.

Buzz Lightyear 7-Inch Mirrorverse Action Figure

The 7″ series of Mirrorverse action figures feature McFarlane’s “Ultra Articulation” with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of play & display.

Buzz Lightyear’s iconic, super-charged spacesuit is outfitted with an arsenal of the latest Star Command tech in the Mirrorverse, including lasers and the legendary armor-blasting arm cannon. In addition, the Buzz action figure comes with removable wings and a base.

Sulley 5-Inch Mirrorverse Action Figure

The beloved protagonist of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. and the prequel Monsters University, the 5″ Mirrorverse Sully (James P Sullivan) arrives with high-tech armor and shield, defending all attacks from other assailants on the field.

Designed with ten points of full articulation, Sully is just as battle-ready as the 7-inch Mirrorverse counterparts.

Goofy 5-Inch Mirrorverse Action Figure

Goofy like you’ve never seen him before! This Goofy action figure is based on his appearance in the Disney Mirrorverse games, and comes with his Boomerang plus one trading card. Designed with up to 10 points of articulation for play + display.

Jack Sparrow 7-Inch Mirrorverse Action Figure

With 22 points of articulation, the Mirrorverse Jack Sparrow action figure (7″) redefines the quintessential Pirates of the Caribbean hero. His weapon? Magic. The sleek purple essence of his Stellar Magic slides over his skeleton arm, for defense against foes.

Mickey Mouse 5-Inch Mirrorverse Action Figure

And last but not least, a true Disney classic. Mickey Mouse readies himself for the Mirrorverse battleground with his star crystal, harnessing potent forces to defend against harm.

Mirrorverse Mickey is packaged in a card-backed blister, along with a collectible art card and character biography on the back. No collection is complete without Mickey Mouse!

Bottom Line

These collections are now available on Amazon and most major retailers where toys are found. The 5″ Mirrorverse collection is was released in August, while the 7″ set rolled out September 2021.

Unique Toys Online has had the pleasure of a number of action figures, and are as unique, fun, and lifelike as these Mirrorverse Action figures.

These action figures are the perfect combination of iconic and unorthodox, pitting fan favorites like Buzz Lightyear, Jack Sparrow and Goofy into action-packed RPG battle. The character redesigns make for some very unique action figures. And with articulation ranging from 10-22, these aren’t just for displaying on the shelf. These toys are ready for battle!

And while these Mirroverse action figures may not be for everyone – they are, after all, a revisionist take on kids’ classics – their unique, one-of-a-kind style makes them a must for any true Disney collector. Currently there over over five Mirrorverse collectibles, and we’ll expect to soon see this collection gain followers and expand.

Our final input: 5/ 5 stars.

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