United States New & Used LEGO Stores Directory

Written by: Jamie Hejna | Updated: March 2023

LEGO is everyone’s favorite hobby, yours and mine – and millions of others, too. It’s consistently one of the top selling toy brands every year and has been for decades. Thousands of sets and tens of thousands of minifigs have been released over the lifetime of the LEGO history. Someone out there has to have that one, special figure or set you’ve been looking for, right?

The wonderful thing about LEGO is, even if it’s been built, you can still have fun by building it again. It’s a perfect toy for resale. Looking for a store to buy used LEGO? Look no further.

This list will cover all of the LEGO reseller stores and used LEGO stores in the United States. These are ideal places where you can get some LEGO sets that have gone out of print for cheaper than you might find on Amazon or other major retailers. It’s also a place where you can reduce the scope of your own collection and make a little extra money on the side. 

But of course, the best way to buy LEGO is when you can reach out and feel what it’s about. Used LEGO stores sell LEGO not just by the set or the fig, but the shape, the color, the theme – if you need anything for what you’re planning in your next build, you don’t need to buy a whole set just for a few bricks: find them at a local used LEGO store near you!

Alabama New & Used LEGO Stores

Learning Express Toys – Huntsville, AL (Carries new LEGO)

Homewood Toy & Hobby Shop – Birmingham, AL (Carries new LEGO)

The Toy Shoppe – Northport, AL (Carries new LEGO)

Alaska New & Used LEGO Stores

Juneau’s Imagination Station – Juneau, AK (Carries new LEGO)

Just Imagine Toys – Wasilla, AK (Carries new LEGO)

The Toy Quest – Fairbanks, AK (Carries new LEGO)

Arizona New & Used LEGO Stores

Bricks & Minifigs – Avondale, AZ (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Tucson, AZ (Carries new & used LEGO)

Arkansas New & Used LEGO Stores

Dilly Dally’s – Rogers, AR (Carries new LEGO)

California New & Used LEGO Stores

Five Star Bricks – Orangevale, CA (Carries new & used LEGO)

The Brick Hutt – Rohnert Park, CA (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Anaheim, CA (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Concord, CA (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Manteca, CA (Carries new & used LEGO)

Huzzah! Toys – Venice, CA (Carries new LEGO)

Bennett’s Toys – Santa Barbara, CA (Carries new LEGO)

Colorado New & Used LEGO Stores

eBricks Outlet, Retail Outlet -Grand Junction, CO (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Littleton, CO (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Loveland, CO (Carries new & used LEGO)

Timbuk Toys – Denver, CO (Carries new LEGO)

Colpar’s Hobbytown – Aurora, CO (Carries new LEGO)

Kazoo & Company Toy Store – Denver, CO (Carries new LEGO)

Good Buy Gear – Arvada, CO (Carries new LEGO)

Connecticut New & Used LEGO Stores

Brick Swap USA – Manchester, CT (Carries new & used LEGO)

Jesse’s Toys – Orange, CT (Carries new LEGO)

Darien Toy Box – Darien, CT (Carries new LEGO)

Soko Toys – Milford, CT (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Southington, CT (Carries new & used LEGO)

Delaware New & Used LEGO Stores

Brickwarriors LLC – Wilmington, DE (Carries new & used LEGO)

Yesterday’s Fun – Ocean View, DE (Carries new LEGO)

Tidepool Toys & Games – Bethany Beach, DE (Carries new LEGO)

Florida New & Used LEGO Stores

Brick City Bricks – Plant City, FL (Carries new & used LEGO)

LEGO Factory – Winter Haven, FL (Carries new LEGO)

The Toy Jungle – Holiday, FL (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Wesley Chapel, FL (Carries new & used LEGO)

Vintage Toy King – Ocala, FL (Carries new LEGO)

Georgia New & Used LEGO Stores

Atlanta Brick Co – Atlanta, GA (Carries new & used LEGO)

Kazoo Toys – Atlanta, GA (Carries new LEGO)

Richards Variety Store – Atlanta, GA (Carries new LEGO)

Hawaii New & Used LEGO Stores

Thinker Toys – Honolulu, HI (Carries new LEGO)

Thinker Things – Pearlridge Wai Makai – Aeia, HI

Idaho New & Used LEGO Stores

Bricknowlogy – Eagle, ID (Carries new & used LEGO)

Weebee Toys – Idaho Falls, ID (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Boise, ID (Carries new & used LEGO)

Illinois New & Used LEGO Stores

Brick Loot – Deerfield, IL (Carries new & used LEGO)

Brickmania – Chicago, IL (Carries new & used LEGO)

The Brick House – Moline, IL (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Crest Hill, IL (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Wheaton, IL (Carries new & used LEGO)

Indiana LEGO Resale Stores

Its a Block Party – Indianapolis, IN (New & used LEGO store)

Moonshot Toy – Noblesville, IN (Carries new LEGO)

Madhouse of Bricks – Jeffersonville, IN (New & used LEGO store)

Iowa LEGO Resale Stores

Thinker Toys – Sioux City, IA (Carries new LEGO)

Jay’s CD and Hobby – Des Moines, IA (Carries new LEGO)

Kansas LEGO Resale Stores

Imagine That Toys – Wichita, KS (Carries new LEGO)

The Toy Store – Lawrence, KS (Carries new LEGO)

U.S. Toy – Overland Park, KS (Carries new LEGO)

Kentucky LEGO Resale Stores

Bricks & Minifigs – Louisville, KY

Tomorrow Land Toys – Owensboro, KY (Carries new LEGO)

Louisiana LEGO Resale Stores

The Toy Room – Lafeyette, LA (Carries new LEGO)

Le Jouet – Metairie, LA (Carries new LEGO)

Maine LEGO Resale Stores

Brick by Brick Maine – Portland, ME (New & used LEGO store)

Treehouse Toys LTD – Portland, ME (Carries new LEGO)

Island Treasure Toys – Yarmouth, ME (Carries new LEGO)

Maryland LEGO Resale Stores

All Time Toys – Eldersburg, MD (Carries new LEGO) 

Lost in Time – Laurel, MD (Carries new LEGO)

Massachusetts LEGO Resale Stores

Boston Brick Co – Rockland, MA (New & used LEGO store)

Bottomless Bricks – Adams, MA (New & used LEGO store)

Boing! Toy Shop – Boston, MA (Carries new LEGO)

Brickify – Norwood, MA (Carries new & used LEGO)

Michigan LEGO Resale Stores

JC Brick Company – Morrice, MI (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Macomb, MI (Carries new & used LEGO)

Minnesota LEGO Resale Stores

Brickmania GHQ – Minneapolis, MN (Carries new & used LEGO)

Legacy Toys – Bloomington, MN (Carries new LEGO)

Mississippi LEGO Resale Stores

Time 4 Toys – Flowood, MS (Carries new LEGO)

Missouri LEGO Resale Stores

The Minifig Shop – Kirkwood, MO (New & used LEGO store)

Red Brick Collectibles – House Springs, MO (Carries new & used LEGO)

Montana LEGO Resale Stores

Bricks & Minifigs -Billings, MT (New & used LEGO store)

Giggles: Toys & More – Bozeman, MT (Carries new LEGO)

Imagination Station – Missoula, MT (Carries new LEGO)

Nebraska LEGO Resale Stores

Bricks & Minifigs – Omaha, NE (New & used LEGO store)

Fat Brain Toys – Omaha, NE (Carries new LEGO)

Nevada LEGO Resale Stores

Rogue Toys – Las Vegas, NV (Carries new LEGO)

New Hampshire LEGO Resale Stores

Collec-tiques – Rochester, NH (Carries new LEGO)

Josh’s Toys & Games – Salem, NH (Carries new LEGO)

New Jersey LEGO Resale Stores

The Toy Chest – Hope, NJ (Carries new LEGO)

Tons of Toys – Madison, NJ (Carries new LEGO)

New Mexico LEGO Resale Stores

Bricks and Minifigs – Albuquerque, NM (New & Used LEGO Store)

Toyopolis – Santa Fe, NM (Carries new LEGO)

Astro-Zombies – Albuquerque, NM (Carries new LEGO)

New York LEGO Resale Stores

Toy Whiz – Suffern, NY (Carries new LEGO)

A Nu Toy Store – Tarrytown, NY (Carries new LEGO)

Boomerang Toys – New York, NY (Carries new LEGO)

North Carolina LEGO Resale Stores

Toys & Co. – Greensboro, NC (Carries new LEGO)

Toy Mania – Charlotte, NC (Carries new LEGO)

North Dakota LEGO Stores

Legacy Toys – Fargo, ND (Carries new LEGO)

Ohio LEGO Resale Stores

HHH Brick Depot – West Chester, OH (Carries new & used LEGO)

Sir Troy Toy’s Kingdom – North Canton, OH (Carries new LEGO)

Bedlam Bricks – Delaware County – OH (Carries new & used LEGO)

Oregon LEGO Resale Stores

Brick Builders – Eugene, OR (Carries new & used LEGO)

Brick Circuit Lego Store – St. Albany, OR (Carries new & used LEGO)

Eugene Toy and Hobby –  Eugene, OR (Carries new LEGO)

Dakota’s Brick Shop – Bend, OR (Carries new & used LEGO)

JB Brick Company – Hermiston, OR (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Beaverton, OR (Carries new & used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Canby, OR (Carries new and used LEGO)

Pennsylvania LEGO Resale Stores

Brick Heads – Lancaster, PA (Carries new and used LEGO)

Little Brick Gallery -Adamstown, PA (Carries new/used LEGO)

Warminster / Bricks on the Dollar – Warminster, PA (Carries new LEGO)

Andy’s Brick Shop – Warminster, PA (Carries new/used LEGO)

Rhode Island LEGO Resale Stores

Providence Brick Exchange – Smithfield, RI (Carries new/used LEGO)

Henry Bear’s Park – Providence, RI (Carries new LEGO)

Tennessee LEGO Resale Stores

Music City Bricks – Lebanon, TN (Carries new/used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Memphis, TN (New & Used LEGO Store)

Texas LEGO Resale Stores

Creative Brick Builders – Round Rock, TX (Carries new/used LEGO)

Minifigs, Bricks, and More – Denton, TX (Carries new LEGO)

Rogue Brick Builder’s Lounge – Forth Worth, TX (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs (Austin, Grapevine, Helotes, Pearland, Plano, San Antonio)

Toy Joy – Austin, TX (Carries new LEGO)

Utah LEGO Resale Stores

Minifigure America – Riverdale, UT (Carries new/used LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs Orem, Salt Lake City, South Jordan, UT (Carries new/used LEGO)

Virginia LEGO Resale Stores

Brickmania – Chantilly, VA (Carries new LEGO)

Washington LEGO Resale Stores

Bobakhan Toy Store Everett, WA (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks and Co – Seattle’s Local Lego Laboratory – Seattle, WA (Carries new/used LEGO)

Bricks and Wheels -Kent, WA (Carries new LEGO)

Connect the Brick – Tacoma, WA (Carries new LEGO)

Math ‘n’ Stuff – Seattle, WA (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Monroe, WA (New & Used LEGO Store)

West Virginia LEGO Resale Stores

MAK’s Toy Store & Event Room – Martinsburg, WV (Carries new LEGO)

80’s Toys of Princeton – Princeton, WV (Carries new LEGO)

Wisconsin LEGO Resale Stores

The Missing Piece – Cedarburg, WI (Carries new LEGO)

Bricks & Minifigs – Madison, WI (Carries new LEGO)

Wyoming LEGO Resale Stores

Teton Toys – Jackson Hole, WY (Carries new LEGO)

Toy Town – Casper, WY (Carries new LEGO)

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