Video games for kids

Gaming has become a popular hobby for kids. Kids need to have some form of entertainment, and gaming is one of the most popular forms. There are many benefits of gaming for children. Video games for kids can help develop motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and creative thinking. It also provides an opportunity for children to interact with others in a virtual world without the risk of getting hurt or feeling awkward in the real world.

Video games can teach children how to work together, solve problems, and learn from mistakes.

In addition, video games can give children the opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of life without traveling outside their home town.

Video games reviewed for kids

If you are looking for an exceptional experience for your kids, you must choose the game according to the kid’s age. So, a video game should be inspirational, motivational, and beyond measures to educate and entertain your kids equally. We have a list of some of current video games for kids. For your convenience, you can pick any out of them:

Video games for 5 year olds

Zelda - Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo is famous for providing the most popular game series with mind exploring activities. Hence, the rich gameplay and beautiful landscape of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will capture the kids’ attention. In addition, its challenging missions and speed can match with the kid’s mind. This game will open up your kids’ minds and help widen the child’s imagination with new challenges at every stage.

This game is growing in popularity among young girls, and helps them explore the new world for the kids. It’s quite amazing to watch your kids play and learn at the same time.

Key features

  • It’s an open-ended game help to explore the new world

  • Kids think to manage the challenge and follow the instruction

  • Help to open the challenges by broadening the imagination

  • There are no strict rules to play

  • Little ones can handle the traditional and imaginary route as well.

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Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

This game helps kids think logically and strategically to move the customized character Thinkrolls from castle and dragon. It has 14 languages to choose the right one for your kids. In addition, its difficulty levels are another exceptional feature of this game. There are six scenes to accomplish a task. If kids complete a level, they can customize the character and unlock the new level.

Moreover, kids explore their minds by experiencing the magical tone. The task is to let the crocodile sleep with the help of flying potions, ghosts and mirrors, and magical harps.

Key features

  • No reading is required to play

  • Information is available in 14 languages

  • Kids get rewards after completing one level

  • Children think and explore

  • Learn to complete the given task

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

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Video games for 6 year olds

Minecraft for Switch


Minecraft isn’t just a great video game for children; it is equally popular amongst their parents. So no wonder, then, that it continues to be one of the best-selling games of all time.

There are two modes in the game. One is Survival, where players build the world and maintain health. The other is a Creative mode where players have extensive resources and access to flight. Hence, players can modify the game to customize gameplay, machine, and assets.

Furthermore, the game is designed with computer-aided design and matches the kids’ little minds. They learn how to play and complete challenges by using their motor senses. Its spin-off versions are also available and have the same popularity as the older ones.

Key features

  • The game is rich in exploring, resource gathering, and craft.

  • Kids learn the value of sharing and social gathering

  • The game is loaded with different versions and levels

  • Children learn the new avenue

  • It supports creativity without any manual

  • The game challenges the kids to use imaginations

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LEGO Creator Islands

LEGO creator island is an official LEGO construction game where kids will explore the new island and make figures. Then, kids can imagine and build the figure of their choice. Simply, kids have to place the right lego that fits the figure. Hence, they can rotate the camera to see the angles according to the figure.

Moreover, kids get rewards upon completion of every level. In addition, new models will be unlocked, and they will visit the nearby island too. This game is perfect for utilizing the motor senses and enhancing eye-hand coordination among kids.

Key features

  • The game has various options to explore and build new figures

  • Kids can build according to their imaginations

  • They can differentiate between the real world and an imaginary world

  • Game is free to download, and there are no ads

  • There are certain missions and levels

  • Kids get a reward after the completion of each level.

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Video games for 7 year olds

Rocket League - Video Games for Kids

Rocket League

Rocket League is a racing game that lets kids use their brains and customize their cars. It will be fun to move the car on the track and pass tackles to get the victory. The game has easy-to-control navigation, and physics-driven competition lets the kids choose their priorities. So, it’s a reliable video game for kids to experience the high-octane hybrid and hit the field.

Moreover, kids can compete weekly and unlock custom items for free. There would be fun-oriented tracks to capture the attention. In addition, locked rewards and modes are available with limited-time offers.

Key features

  • Kids learn to share

  • The game is about racing and experiencing various challenges

  • Increase the motor skills

  • Helps to explore new ideas

  • Children learn to make goals and achieve the specified target within time.

  • Video game for kids with multiple tasks

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Video games for 8 year olds

LEGO Marvel Superheros 2

Marvel Superheroes 2 is the perfect video game for 8+ year olds, and for good reason: the combination of incredible characters and advanced LEGO Marvel favorites. There are 10 slots, and they can build their own character with customized options. In addition, a wide variety of superpowers are available to experience the latest world. It’s a solid action-car game with fun-oriented activities.

Bottom line: it’s high atop the list of video game options out there for developing kids’ imagination.

Key features

  • Children learn to share and play.

  • Enhance the focus and imagination of kids — perfect for your little engineer.

  • Kids learn to navigate and follow the instructions.

  • Learn to socialize with peers.

  • Use hands and brain to explore new worlds.

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Video games for 9 year olds

Yooka Laylee


The game is about two characters. The main character explores the puzzle-like book and a villain who has stolen all magical books. So, kids learn to use their imagination and move with multiple advanced tasks.

Key features

  • There is no violence. Fun activities.

  • The game needs cooperation, and kids learn to share ideas.

  • Enhance the motor and sensory skills.

  • Children learn to focus and share.

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Video games for 10 year olds

Super Mario for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the best transitional 3D game known for many years. Harkening back to Super Mario for N64 (which, you no doubt played in your childhood), this welcome refresh means your kids can now play its 3D version. No one knows how Mario works outside being a side-scrolling game. They will explore a sandbox with a lot of tasks to complete. Hence, a new world will be a mystery for the kids, and it will be a lot of fun with new graphics.

However, players get rewards after completing a level. Kids will experience the freedom of gameplay based on polygons with enhanced visuals. It’s a single-player video game to improve motor skills.

Key features

  • 3 video games in 1 awesome collection: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

  • Helps to navigate the imaginary world.

  • Updated HD graphics plus Joy-Con controls.

  • Fun for kids to see friendly creatures and monsters.

  • Children get rewards in each world.

  • Multiplayer option available on Super Mario Galaxy.

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Top Reasons to Play Video Games with Your Kids

  • Video games can be a great way to bond with your kids.

  • Video games can teach children about the world and how it works fun and interactive way.

  • Video games can help children learn new skills like math, reading, and problem-solving skills that they may not learn in school or at home.

  • Video games can help kids develop their social skills by interacting with other players online or in-person when they go to gaming tournaments or events like Comic-Con International: San Diego (CCI).

  • Playing video games together is a great way to spend time together as a family and have fun!

What’s next?

Gaming is essential for kids to explore the new world beyond their imaginations. Children learn to share and socialize with their fellows. Hence, well-crafted, strategic video game for kids will empower motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

They will learn how to use their imaginations for the playful act. In addition, video games educate a child to communicate with patience.

However, you can spend quality time with your kids and teach them how to play and explore new ideas using their motor-sensory skills.

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